An Abadeh carpet is a type of Persian carpet made in the town of Abadeh in Iran.
 Abadeh oriental rugs and carpets are often found in smaller area rug sizes 3' x 5' to 5' x 8'. Larger examples may be found, however are less common.
 Abadeh rugs often feature bold colors, commonly with a diamond shaped field in red ivory or dark blue with similar borders. They commonly feature a medallion centered in the middle of the rug, and spandrels covering the each corner of the field with a gul anchoring each. Better Abadeh rugs are often woven with nice quality, durable wool and dense structure. Abadeh rugs do not "drape" as much as other Persian rugs, as construction is very tight and fairly rigid.
 Design elements often found in the field are cypress trees woven in the center under and above the center medallion, along with scattered small geometric flowers.