Welcome we are an international rug importer and distributor in Miami of Handmade Oriental Rugs from Pakistan, Iran, India, China, Russia, and Turkey. We have the largest Selection of Handmade Rugs in the United States.

Beautiful, distinctive, handmade rugs are treasured all over the globe. From the exquisitely detailed Persian rugs of Iran, to the classic, cheerful tapestries of France, Oriental Rug Co. has built a collection of culturally rich rugs that fit every style and sensibility. Our showroom is flooded with a vast collection of Oriental Rugs.

We have been importing and distributing Oriental Rugs for more than 20 years in the U.S. and Latin market. We are proud to introduce you to the finest selection of Oriental Rugs at wholesale prices. We also offer additional rug services, like washing and appraisals.

It’s impossible to display all our sizes, designs and colors. We’ve created several broad categories for the web, but encourage you to come to our location for a more detailed look into our stunning products. As importer/exporter rug specialists, rest assured we’ll help you select the perfect piece tailored to your tastes, personality and décor.